The Sculpture Factory has been established for over thirty years and is based in Shoreditch, London, with workshops in the West Country. We are makers of high quality sculptural and architectural projects that we can take from client concept through to installation. We provide full design, engineering, manufacturing and project management services where necessary, and are used to working to fixed price budgets.

We have installed major works in Europe, North America and the Far East. We are a small, close-knit team with considerable manufacturing, computer-aided design, artistic and project management experience, with a tried and tested network covering engineering, material science, shipping and all the diverse areas we encounter in our work.

We regard each project as a serious partnership with the client and look forward to a joint commitment for the production of beautiful and durable work. In addition to the project work we undertake, we make individual sculptures and decorative items for clients utilising our range of skills in metal, glass and other materials. In the Porfolio section you will find examples of the truly diverse nature of our work, from thirty tonne steel castings and twenty one tonne glass fabrications to small, delicate bronze forgings.

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